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Among the major used mobile point-of-sale system by many businessmen is SumUp. This is due to its being the first fully certified EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) system across the world while easily facilitating entire payment processes. Being the best alternative mobile point-of-sale system comes as a result of its low cost operation compared to others like PayPal. It tend to have an easier process requiring one to only connect the mobile device with a Bluetooth to the credit card reader. One only needs to connect it to the business bank account with the only requirement if providing some business information that will necessitate successful account creation. Setting up this account also calls for purchasing a SumUp credit card reader that tends to be shipped to one’s locality within three business days. This reader need to be paired with the mobile device by using the SumUp app to enhance process payments. Its such a best mobile point if sale system with ease of use and much simplicity when it comes to the usage regardless of it not offering a wide range of features. Below are some points explaining why SumUp is the best for one’s business.

Ease of use. SumUp tend to be a very user friendly product meaning that there is reduced stress with its use. The only requirement is for the business owner to simply sign up and begin processing payments within a couple of days. Also it tend to have a clean interface which when combined with the support center useful guides helps one to easily learn on ways to leverage all its available features. Its good for one to consider SumUp due to this reason.

Another thing that makes SumUp the best is its price. Compared to the competitors, SumUp tend to have a slightly lower per transaction fee explaining its ranking among the top competitively priced system. It results to business owners achieving some savings with their high volume business transactions. Compared to Square, SumUp virtual terminal price tend to be significantly less translating to better savings. Also the card reader is also available at a lower cost compared to other card readers present on the marketplace. That said, it means that its best price makes it the best to choose from the others.

Integrations. SumUp tend to be easily integrated with a number of e-commerce marketplaces such as Facebook, eBay and Etsy which has been achieved due to its recent acquisition of Shoplo e-commerce software. This results to easier management as the owners tend to do it directly from their SumUp app. In addition there is the developer suite present on the website translating to easier integration of all payments in different software. Such integration tends to make the overall business transactions easier than one could ever think.

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